Presenting all 24 Tirthankaras created in rich and lavish gold. A first time in history, is a limited-edition collector’s artefact you must own. Come to our stores now and experience its vintage spiritual radiance.

Front View of All 24 Tirthankaras

Rear-view of All 24 Tirthankaras –                  The Five Worships (The Panch Parmeshthi)
5 Auspicious Jain Mantras – Navkar Mantra

Since 1954, Navrathan Jewellers has quietly delighted the connoisseurs of Bangalore with its breathtaking designs, intricate craftsmanship and ancient techniques.

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Every Navrathan Jewellers store pan India is a breathtaking collection of diamonds, gold and platinum jewellery.

Our Story

SINCE 1954


Our Achievements

  • 2018 – Navrathan Jewellers Awarded: National Jewellery Award 2018
  • 2017 – Navrathan Jewellers awarded “Country’s Most Preferred Retail Jewellery Brand 2017-2018”
  • 2017 – Navrathan Jewellers awarded ‘Times Retail Icon’ – ‘Jewels of Distinction’ – by Times Group – Top Retail Icon Bangalore 2017

Our Showcase

Jewels of Distinction

With intricate, handcrafted designs, Navrathan Jewellers offers jewellery for every occasion. Simply walk into our store, or look through our website to get an idea of the sheer range and variety we offer.


Representing the highest point of jewellery design, Navrathan Jewellers has always been associated with exquisite craftsmanship that is constantly appreciated by experts of fine jewellery; Navrathan Jewellers was recently honoured with “India’s Most Preferred Jewellers’ award 2017-18”.